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Beta Klinik is an international private hospital for the diagnostics and therapy of head and spinal diseases. One main focus is the innovative therapy, for example, endocopic spine surgery.

Out-patient rehabilitation by means of physiotherapeutic training machines and medical strengthening therapy, physical performance diagnostics as well as fitness, strength and endurance training are possible at Beta Sport & Reha.

Besides therapeutic range of services, there is a center for preventive medicine in addition to the radiological practice making comprehensive total body checkups possible.

May 25

Workshop for Physicians: Mastering Endovenous Laser Occlusion

Dear colleagues,

I hereby cordially invite you to the “Mastering Endovenous Laser Occlusion” course on May 27th and 28th at the Beta Clinic in Bonn /Germany.

In recent years, endovenous approaches to the treatment of varicose veins have become increasingly popular as an alternative to longestablished surgical procedures. Considering the trend towards less invasive and more gentle techniques, it can be predicted that endovenous laser approaches will play an increasing role in the future of the treatment of varicose veins.

This workshop will focus both on the basics of laser treatment which are a prerequisite to the safe and successful utilization of this technique as well as the specific medical perspective on the treatment of varicose veins with laser technology.

The course is designed to lead the participant through all steps of the endovenous laser treatment, from diagnostics and the determination of adequate indications to the results of long term studies on the effectiveness of endovenous laser occlusion.

Supported by live surgeries and hands-on workshops, the participant will get a thorough understanding of the endovenous laser procedure and have the possibility to interact with a group of experienced international

experts. I am looking forward to welcome you to the “Mastering Endovenous

Laser Occlusion” course in the beautiful city of Bonn.

Felizitas Pannier

The official leaflet:

workshop_may_26_27.pdf Download this file


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